About us

Welcome to our minority woman-owned and operated online store! SoulAfrik Designs is a premium digital art agency with creative works of art sourced from the African experience.

Our collections feature a range of stunning one-of-a-kind African ethnic designs. These are available on high quality canvas, matte poster prints, premium apparel and personal accessories. 

Our specialty piece 'Be-Arrowed' was selected by the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture to be included in their prestigious March 2023 Collective Memory Installation at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles! ( https://www.lacountyarts.org/experiences/collective-memory-installation/loyce-kareri )

We believe that Afro-descent culture deserves to be showcased and celebrated in the global design mainstream.

Our artwork is being incorporated in multiple public and private spaces, from living rooms and student classrooms, to business, corporate offices, film and television production sets, a church and community center.

The offerings go beyond just aesthetics. By purchasing from our shop, you also support artistry from a diverse background and by displaying it on a poster in your home, canvas art in your office, wearing our designs on a t-shirt, hat or high top shoes, you can be proud to be promoting global cultural understanding and appreciation.

We are based in Los Angeles, CA and ship to many regions and territories worldwide.

Thanks again for visiting our online shop and supporting diversity and inclusion through your purchase. We hope you find something that speaks to you and adds some color and culture to your space. Shukrani.


-Loyce Kareri, Founder | Owner


ps: Are you a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion administrator looking to add some color and culture to your offices?

We believe that incorporating ethnic artwork into your company's workspace is a simple and effective way to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion.  

Feel free to reach out for access to our corporate collection and discover various exciting options available for your diversity initiative!

Email: info@soulafrik.com